our mission

The United States is lagging in financial literacy. Our school systems are not equipped to incorporate personal finance education, failing to prepare students for their financial futures. The result is a nation of adults who have low financial literacy, lacking an understanding of essential knowledge on topics like credit, banking, and retirement.

Our goal is to develop a platform that allows anyone to learn personal finance in an enjoyable way. Our content is modern, easy to read, designed for young adults, and mobile friendly. To that end, we have developed the following mission statement:

We're committed to making personal finance education easy, fun, and accessible for all.

our history

Our project started in the spring of 2020 from an entrepreneurial pitch competition hosted by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Champlain College. Pitched by Kohle Feeley, the original concept of dollars.fyi placed first in the competition and received initial seed money to begin development.

In March 2021, dollars.fyi placed first in the Champlain College Elevator Pitch and again placed first in the 2021 Launch Champlain.

Please feel free to email us at any time at with your comments, suggestions, feedback, or just to say hi!

open innovation

This project is solely developed in the spirit of open innovation. The chart below shows changes to the published code base since May 1, 2021. Want to keep up with progress and updates? Follow Kohle Feeley on Twitter. Ideas, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome!

Kohle's GitHub commit chart

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